Posted by Andrew

So we left Ray’s (with suprisingly not very sore heads given the previous nights antics) and headed south through some really picturersque towns and villages towards Toulouse to pick Shelley up for Skiing.

Getting to Andorra was somewhat challenging though.  By the time it had started to get dark the temperature dropped considerably to around -10 and the roads were getting more and more treturous.  We decided to stop and fork out for some snow chains as the roads were turning into mostly just ice – they proved to be a really wise investment and we wouldn’t have made Andorra without them. 

Car wasn’t feeling the love for the cold air either, but she’s still going.  As we approached Andorra we picked up the next obvious fault – notably the passenger door swinging open when going around corners.  We’ll take a look at this when we have finished skiing!

Below are some photos of the last couple of days.  In order – the pug avec snow chains, parked up at the appartment, the view from the top of the ski lift, Chris learning on the busy slopes and one of all of us on the chair lift.

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