We can see Africa!

Posted by Chris

Well, we’ve made it to Tarifa in one piece.  The car is running a bit better following some new plugs and a few changes to the mixture.  Problems keep occuring with the car though, but none that ar going to stop us!

We have met with the other teams now in the hotel and have 36 hours to get our stuff together and get ready for the crossing. 

The drive down through Spain has been long but enjoyable.  As you can probably tell from the blog, we were less than impressed with Benidorm, so we decided to stay away from the main resorts.  Think we went from one extreme to another and stayed in the ‘badlands’ of Spain.  Anyway, photo’s below…

DSC02451 (Medium)  DSC02461 (Medium)  101_9113 (Medium)  IMG_9166 (Medium)