We’re Home!

Posted by Andrew

After 4 weeks of trials, tribulations, tears, trauma and triumph; we’re home!  We’ve had a fantastic time, even though the rally was changed dramatically the day before we left.  Due to the increased security concerns both before we left and also in late December, we decided against travelling further south than Morocco, and instead chose to see if she could make the round trip – all the way back to Devon!

In all, our trusty chariot has completed just over 8,000 kilometers, including many hundreds on what can only be described as tracks.  from off-roading to snow driving, we’ve really put the car through it’s paces and she came back as sweet as she left (although with a couple of additional “features”).  To say that we have fallen in love with her would be a bit over dramatic, but we are pretty fond of the old girl and how well she has served us.  We will however, be letting her go (most likely on ebay in a few days time) to a new home who will hopefully be kind and maybe even sometimes let her out to play off road.

As far as the ‘kilometre guesses’ went, we thought it fairest to put all names in a hat and draw out a winner for the stay at Bovey Castle.  The guesses that were made were for a different trip to the one we ended up doing, for which I apologise.  So without further ado, the winner is……

BECKY MOORE – Congratulations.

P1060564  Picture 031

All that’s left to say, is thanks for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed our blog and photos.  Feel free to check the same website later in the year, we might just be gearing up for another challenge ;-)

Chris and Pan