We’re in Morroco!

Posted by Chris

We have been in Morocco for two days now and it has been pretty challenging.  We managed to get a very rough crossing from Algeciras to Ceuta when most were cancelled due to the poor weather.  The next challenge was the border crossing in to Morocco which was never going to be easy.  We paid a ‘fixer’ a few euros and he helped us get the necessary paperwork sorted.  Crossing the border was a real experience-being herded around different officials by ‘Mohammed’ and watching the locals jumping the border fences. 

We didn’t want t0 drive too far yesterday after the border crossing but went to a town called Chefchoun which is located high up in the Rif mountains where we camped for the first time on the trip.  Several times on the way through the country roads we were offered hash, which we didn’t take them up on!

We woke up this morning to lashing rain and high winds to have to dismantle our soaking tents and crack on with the drive to Azrou via Meznes.  This was the most bizarre journey we’ve had – coming across a lorry that had lost it’s back axle going around a corner and countless other vehicles broken down.  The bad weather had caused severe flooding on some of the roads we had planned to drive.  The convoy came to a stop when a river burst its banks and was over a foot deep cascading across a road.  Some trucks managed to get through, but after watching a transit van almost get washed away we decided that another route was the only option.  This other route was on more flooded roads and we came across a great deal of damage caused by the recent downpours.  After a few dodgy towns – we made it to Azrou for an early night and to recover before Christmas in Marrakesh tomorrow, as long as we can avoid the flooded roads some more!

Merry Christmas everyone if we don’t get chance to blog again before then.